Aleksey Korabovsky, CEO, Co-founder

Aleksey has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business consulting and more than 10 years in deep-tech start-ups. Education: Master of Economics with a focus on Innovative Entrepreneurship.

Andris PÄ“tersons, Co-founder

Andris has been in more than 15 years within the banking industry and financial management.  Education: MBA degree from the Riga Technical University in association with the Buskerud University College in Norway

PhD Carlo Carmagnola

Research and training on snow in ski resorts at Dianeige, the ski resort consultant in snow management. Team lead in PROSNOW project from Meteo-France side. PhD in Snow Physics.

Sc. Alexander A. Shvetsov

Alexander A. Shvetsov is a researcher with extensive experience in atmosphere physics and microwave diagnostics. More than 170 scientific articles in atmospheric physics and chemistry